Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

Approach to Therapy

This is a brief description of my approach to therapy and how I work with clients. 


My Approach

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I specialize in providing individual and couples therapy in my private practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have worked with a wide variety of clients seeking support for depression, anxiety, personal growth, trauma, life transitions, relationship issues, gender identity, and LGBT issues. I practice a relationship-based psychotherapy. Whether directly or indirectly, I believe we are each telling the story of what has happened to us in relationships. Some of what we have learned in relationship becomes a pattern or coping style, and some of what we have learned becomes a deeper belief about ourselves. Most often these patterns and beliefs begin to get in the way of the contact we desire in relationships. My job is to help you in uncovering and understanding your story, to heal old wounds, and to help you develop the richness in relationship you might be looking for. 



When I figured out that I wanted to be a therapist, I found a graduate program that offered both knowledge in the field of psychotherapy, as well as an opportunity to gain much experience in working with clients. I studied at Naropa University in nearby Boulder, Colorado. While Naropa offered a rigorous academic program, each course was grounded in experiential education. Exams at Naropa were often "warrior exams," oral exams where each student had an opportunity to be both the examiner and the examinee. In having to answer questions during an oral exam, I learned how to articulate my knowledge of psychotherapy in relationship. In my role asking another student during their exam, I learned important skills in supporting someone who is feeling anxious and trying to find their own answers. I continue to use both skills in my work with clients. Naropa offered invaluable early experience in my training and growth as a therapist. 

continued development

After graduate school and as I worked with clients and towards professional licensure, I continued to look for the kind of development and training I found so valuable when I was in graduate school. I found a community called the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association and continued my education as I worked towards certification as an Integrative Psychotherapist. The work I have done in training with the IIPA community has continued to add to the depth of my understanding of psychotherapy, to the passion I bring to working with clients, to my awe at the power of therapy to bring about healing and lasting change, and to the honor I experience in being able to be on this journey with each of my clients. 


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Integrative Psychotherapy

The term "integrative" has two important meanings in how I work with clients as an Integrative Psychotherapist. The first is an integration of specific theory. This allows me to maintain the contact in our relationship wherever you are available in a particular session. This helps me to tailor each session to your needs, which is an important part of how therapy can begin to feel safe and healing.

"Integrative" also refers to the process of re-integrating parts of the self that have been repressed or left out of relationship in an effort to adapt to previous relationships in your life. As you recover access and awareness of these parts of yourself, you can begin to recover your natural sense of self, your authenticity in relationship, and the relief involved in being in contact in relationship.