Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

Gender Identity and Transgender Therapy

This page describes the counseling work I do with the transgender community or individuals who are wanting to exploring gender identity in therapy.  


Gender support

"I believe when we love someone, we respect them and we listen to them; we feel that their voice matters. And - and we let them dictate the terms of who they are and what their story is."    ~ Lavern Cox


Gender identity

Whether you or a loved one are experiencing discomfort around gender identity, therapy may be a good place to start. Though perhaps not as directly as someone who is exploring gender, most of my clients are on some level exploring issues of identity. If the ideal of mental health is to be able to come from who you are and to bring that into relationship, then being assigned a gender at birth that does not match your sense of who you are can make navigating relationships quite difficult. My hope is to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore those missed parts of yourself and what that means for you.  



I invite you to visit the links below. In addition to being wonderful resources in the Fort Collins community, each website also offers a wealth of information. Briefly, a word about each of them: Eclectic offers a peer support group on the first Tuesday evenings of each month for anyone exploring their gender identity; PFLAG is a wonder resource for parents, families, and allies; Splash is a resource for LGBTQ teens and youth to meet and connect. Because a legal name change can be difficult to navigate at times, I've provided a resource that can help guide you through that process if needed.  


My Journey

Though it is not necessary for a therapist to have a lived experience to have empathy for their clients, I wanted to mention my journey as a transgender man here. I began my transition eight years ago. For me it has been the most human of experiences: full of joy, anxiety, sadness and pain, fear, even some anger still remains when I am reminded how easily our culture can dismiss the needs of the transgender community. Transition has allowed me to stay present with a wide range of emotions in a much more contactful way. Exploring my own gender identity has been a path that continues to unfold into the health, the vitality, and the access to an embodied human experience I so often searched for early in my life.