Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

Fort Collins Therapist - Homepage

This is a home page featuring basic information about Aidan London's private practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. Aidan London, MA, LPCC, CIP provides individual and couples counseling. 


If you have found this website, I wonder if you might be struggling in some way in your life and looking for support. I'm glad you're here. If you have some time, feel free to explore this website to learn a little about who I am and my approach to therapy. If you have any questions that have not been answered here or if you would like to schedule an appointment, I invite you to reach out so we can work together in getting you the support you need. 

How Therapy Can Help

As a relationship-based therapist, I believe we are hurt in relationship and we can heal in relationship. Therapy can be the place that you begin to heal. If you are feeling confused or overwhelmed or if you are simply looking for more from your current relationships, you do not have to do this alone. Together we can work to understand your concerns. In working with you, I hope to help by gently and compassionately increasing self-awareness, understanding, and connection. 


Individual therapy

I offer individual, one-on-one sessions in a comfortable, supportive, and confidential environment. I use an integrative approach to therapy, tailoring each session to meet my clients with compassionate and attuned care. I use my training, experience, and kindness to develop a therapeutic relationship with you in which lasting and positive changes can emerge. 

Couples therapy

If you are feeling stuck in your relationship, couples therapy can be a wonderful place to turn to for help. Whether you are wanting to work on conflict resolution, communication, intimacy issues, or life transitions, I can help sort through some of the confusion and pain involved in missing each other. Couples therapy can help increase the connection, understanding, and meaning in your relationship.